Black History Month: Honoring Black Lawyers, Judges and Law Professors

As Black History Month draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some Black legal trailblazers — some of whom are likely familiar, and some you may never have heard of — and significant milestones for Black members of the legal profession in the United States, including the establishment of traditionally Read more about Black History Month: Honoring Black Lawyers, Judges and Law Professors[…]

Can a Model Rule Stop Sexual Harassment? — President’s Blog

You Don’t Need a Weatherman to See Which Way the Wind Blows …And you don’t need to be an attorney to grasp the significance of the upswelling of sexual harassment and assault incidents being brought to light this year. The #MeToo hashtag flooded Twitter and Facebook. Rep. Jackie Spier testified about harassment in the House Read more about Can a Model Rule Stop Sexual Harassment? — President’s Blog[…]

President’s Blog – September 6, 2017

PAABA is increasingly receiving requests from our members about how to put our legal training and expertise to use to protect vulnerable communities and victims of natural disasters.  Pro bono work is a core element of PAABA’s community service commitment, and it has been heartening to see so much interest in service from our members.  Read more about President’s Blog – September 6, 2017[…]

Lawyers and Stress: President’s Blog

How are you doing these days, PAABA? Summer is coming to an end, vacations are over, and school has started again. Time to put away the shorts and sandals and dive back into our mergers, our licensing agreements, our settlement negotiations, and our discovery battles. For some of us, this is energizing; for others, the Read more about Lawyers and Stress: President’s Blog[…]

PAABA President’s Address – Spring 2015

President’s Address. April 5, 2015 PAABA 2.0 First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi A new day is upon us and, like the tech industries that fuel this Valley, the legal profession is well into its next iteration. Using online form fillers is no Read more about PAABA President’s Address – Spring 2015[…]

PAABA President’s Address – Spring 2013

Welcome to 2013! As may be expected, PAABA has been enthusiastically working on knitting together services to help our members and the community. In an ever-changing legal landscape, our practice groups continue to provide events to educate and connect participants. Our lawyer referral service always strategize different ways to reach the public and improve the Read more about PAABA President’s Address – Spring 2013[…]

PAABA President’s Address – December 2012

One aspect of this office that I really enjoy is the opportunity to meet with PAABA members. The perspectives on our bar association vary as much as our members do. To some, we are an institution, a well-oiled machine that sends out notices almost too frequently. Others view us as a grass roots organization, addressing Read more about PAABA President’s Address – December 2012[…]

PAABA President’s Address – November 2012

As inconveniences go, my car battery giving out was a relatively minor one. Not only was I in the habit of carrying around jumper cables but at the time, I was parked near the library and a police station. I had donated books for the children and hand delivered cookies to hungry cops so help Read more about PAABA President’s Address – November 2012[…]

PAABA President’s Address – October 2012

Welcome Autumn! The new season is invigorating.  Sure the days are shorter and the weather cools (or does it?) but this is a sign of progress, a move forward, if only literal.  If you are fortunate to witness the changes in foliage, the wheel of time turns majestically. In Korea, my family celebrates Thanksgiving in September, as we Read more about PAABA President’s Address – October 2012[…]

PAABA President’s Address – May 2012

May!  Somehow we’ve worked our way to the fifth month of 2012.  I hate to scare everyone but soon we will be half-way through the year.  Six months left to reach our goals, be they professional, personal, fitness or educational.  PAABA members like to challenge themselves! PAABA, of course, wants to help!  Events have already Read more about PAABA President’s Address – May 2012[…]