June 12, 2017

For Attorneys

PAABA recognizes that the profession of law is more than just a business, and we challenge ourselves and our members to grow and change as appropriate to new legal times, interests, and issues.

For information on Firm memberships, please see our Sponsorship site.

Attorney Memberships

Member Services

Community Relations

  • Become a panelist for PAABA’s Lawyer Referral Service and receive referrals in your practice area
  • Resolve client fee disputes through our low-cost Fee Arbitration Program
  • Projects in community legal education, including Lawyers in the Library
  • Apply to serve as a neutral in PAABA’s ADR Program.
  • Expanded service to help meet needs of underserved in the community (e.g., Community Law Night legal clinic)

Professional Networking at Social Events

Intangible Benefits

  • Recognition for you and your firm through networking with local attorneys in community work and at events
  • Support the local organization that represents the legal profession to the community at large
  • Satisfy your firm’s obligation to be active in the local community

Active attorney member dues are $125 annually.  Active members receive a discount in enrollment on PAABA’s Lawyer Referral Service panels ($80, discounted from $105).