Lawyer Referral Service

It’s not always easy to know where to turn for legal information or advice. The Palo Alto Area Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service offers a solution.

With one telephone call, the Lawyer Referral Service offers:

  • A private appointment in a qualified attorney’s office
  • A free 1/2 hour consultation in exchange for a $40 administrative fee
  • A chance to ask any question and seek any advice

The Palo Alto Area Bar Association screens all Lawyer Referral Service attorneys.

We pre-screen all attorneys for minimum qualifications, including experience in dealing with your needs. The Lawyer Referral Service also conducts regular surveys about client satisfaction, and we are regulated by the State Bar of California.


We offer Lawyer Referral Services in the following areas of law:

Family Law



Trusts, Wills, and Estate Planning

Real Property


Business Law

Personal Injury/Tort

Employment/Labor Law

Criminal Law




To set up an appointment, call 650-326-8322 or email

The Lawyer Referral Service is sponsored by the Palo Alto Area Bar Association. California State Bar Certification Number: 0009

Attorneys: would you like to join an LRS panel and receive referrals targeted to your practice area? – please sign up here.

LRS Rules