June 12, 2017

For Law Students

As a member of the Palo Alto Area Bar Association, law students have access to many PAABA programs and services to help them achieve their legal career goals.  Students of accredited law schools in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties are encouraged to participate in PAABA’s many Sections and Committees, to participate in Community Law Night, to submit articles for publication at PAABA.org, and to attend social and educational events.  Sections are great sources for students to explore various areas of law and to network with practicing attorneys.

Registered law student members may attend section meetings and MCLE events at a reduced price, typically $5-10. Law students who are not already members interested in joining PAABA can sign up online.  PAABA’s law student dues are $25 per year.

For more information about law student membership and law student events & activities, please contact info@paaba.org.

Schedule of Upcoming Law Student Events & Activities

Please visit PAABA’s Calendar of Events for information about upcoming section meetings and other PAABA events.

Other Resources and Information

  • Vault.com:  Provides law firm rankings, basic information on firms, and career advice, including
  • Above the Law:  An irreverent, fast-moving legal blog covering legal news, commentary, and legal tech.  You’ll be sharing articles with other associates once you’re in practice — might as well become familiar with it now!
  • American Bar Association: A wealth of information about all areas of practice.  Join the Law Student Division, explore their practice area sections, and learn practical tips about various legal fields. See also: ABA Student Lawyer magazine.
  • Ms. JD:  The organization is directed at women lawyers and law students, but contains a great deal of information applicable to all law students, including advice on law schools, job advice, professional attire guidelines, networking advice, and more.
  • LawSchoolToolbox:  Podcasts, study guides, and law school survival strategies.  Time management,  note-taking tips, exam prep suggestions, useful apps, and budgeting — all the practical help you need whether you’re a starry-eyed 1L or a can-I-just-graduate-already 3L.