PAABA President’s Address – Spring 2015

President’s Address. April 5, 2015 PAABA 2.0 First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi A new day is upon us and, like the tech industries that fuel this Valley, the legal profession is well into its next iteration. Using online form fillers is no Read more about PAABA President’s Address – Spring 2015[…]

PAABA President’s Address – November 2012

As inconveniences go, my car battery giving out was a relatively minor one. Not only was I in the habit of carrying around jumper cables but at the time, I was parked near the library and a police station. I had donated books for the children and hand delivered cookies to hungry cops so help Read more about PAABA President’s Address – November 2012[…]

PAABA President’s Address – February 2012

Your poor heart.  As you sit there, reading while eating or texting or otherwise multitasking, your heart is hard at work.  It has the singular purpose of moving nutrients, oxygen and cleansing your body.  It is a muscle that contracts harder than a sprinter’s leg muscle and consistently beats about 2.5 billion times by the Read more about PAABA President’s Address – February 2012[…]

Welcome to PAABA: Introduction

The Palo Alto Area Bar Association developed out of a need for community. The meetings started out small, as lunches between fellow practitioners and neighbors. It was the early 1930s, before the concept of “power lunches” and the proliferation of books on networking. Commutes wound through orchards and along marshlands. Luncheon debates of the day probably concerned the nation’s Read more about Welcome to PAABA: Introduction[…]