PAABA President’s Address – October 2012

Welcome Autumn!

The new season is invigorating.  Sure the days are shorter and the weather cools (or does it?) but this is a sign of progress, a move forward, if only literal.  If you are fortunate to witness the changes in foliage, the wheel of time turns majestically.

In Korea, my family celebrates Thanksgiving in September, as we honor our past and appreciate the harvest which will sustain us into the winter.  The tradition may seem anachronistic to modern day residents of the world who are so removed from farming but we should all stop and take a breath as the calendar advances because, while we might not monitor crops, busy people spend the year fretting about our diminishing resource: time.

PAABA overflows with time farmers.  They track each hour as it passes into oblivion and manage future supplies of minutes in order to bear fuller, better spent days.  To-do lists, productivity tools, working weekends and late nights are all tactics to keep growing meaningful experiences while pruning time spent on dead end tasks.

 It’s with this perspective that we organize our events.  Whether for a committee meeting (networking, education, lunch), our upcoming Golf Tournament (benefit for East Palo Alto Community Legal Services, fun, networking) or involvement with our administration (the jackpot, really), we help participants maximize their experience.

In this age of continuous access to information and unending dialogue with others, everyone, at any given time, always has something better to do.  Let us help manage your to-do list so you can return to carefully tended neat rows of days.

Happy October!

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