PAABA President’s Address – February 2012

Your poor heart.  As you sit there, reading while eating or texting or otherwise multitasking, your heart is hard at work.  It has the singular purpose of moving nutrients, oxygen and cleansing your body.  It is a muscle that contracts harder than a sprinter’s leg muscle and consistently beats about 2.5 billion times by the Read more about PAABA President’s Address – February 2012[…]

PAABA President’s Address – January 2012

Happy 2012!  The quaint days of the Y2K bug are firmly behind us—not only have we actually made it to the new millennium, we have soundly surpassed the first decade mark.  We once might have associated 2012 with flying cars and a clear universal vision but now, across the threshold of “the Future” we cross Read more about PAABA President’s Address – January 2012[…]

PAABA President’s Address – December 2011

This holiday season, PAABA members disperse into the four corners of the world and the by-product, for a while anyway, is frayed family nerves from your failing to put phones/lap tops/tablets aka “that thing” down for one moment. Unbeknownst to them, you reduced technology use by fifty percent the moment you disembarked.  Proof: As they Read more about PAABA President’s Address – December 2011[…]