Event Debrief: The Neuroscience of Daily Stress

On February 3, Dr. Joe Neary returned to PAABA to present on the topic of combating daily stress.  The presentation was hosted by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.  Attendees learned about the neural pathways underlying stress responses, how to “rewire” those pathways through meditation and mindfulness, and discussed the benefits that come from the practice of these behaviors, including increases in longevity, reductions in stress, increases in immune function, and decreases in anxiety and depression.  The participation included an exercise in practicing gratitude, and attendees finished the presentation with a short meditation.  Dr. Neary graciously remained afterward to answer questions and suggest additional resources on the topic.

Dr. Neary has held positions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, University of Miami School of Medicine and VA Medical Center. He has published 100 research and review papers on the mechanisms of learning, memory, neuroendocrinology, and traumatic brain injury.