February 7, 2015

Court Commissioner

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invites applications for the position of: 

Court Commissioner 

SALARY: $7,557.60 - $7,557.60 Biweekly 

$16,374.80 - $16,374.80 Monthly 

$196,497.60 - $196,497.60 Annually 

OPENING DATE: 04/03/23 

CLOSING DATE: 05/03/23 11:59 PM 


Under the supervision and general direction of the Presiding Judge or his/her designee, the Court Commissioner duties may include presiding over Small Claims calendars, Traffic infraction calendars, child support hearings or matters pursuant to Assembly Bill 1058 (all actions filed by the local child support agency regarding child and spousal support or paternity must be referred for hearing to a child support commissioner), mental health hearings, and sitting as a Judge Pro Tempore to hear civil and criminal cases. This professional level position performs various judicial functions as prescribed by law or conferred by the Court. 

The Court is seeking to fill an anticipated vacancy with an assignment to be determined and this recruitment will also lead to establishing an eligibility list for future opportunities at the Court. 


The Court Commissioner's duties include taking testimony, establishing a record, evaluating evidence, making decisions or recommendations, and entering judgments or orders based on stipulated agreements. 

The Court Commissioner works under the general supervision of the Presiding Judge and serves at the discretion of the Judges. The appointee will be bound by the California Code of Judicial Ethics. Private practice is prohibited. The Court may also require other reasonable restrictions. Daily calendar assignments may vary or change, based on the needs of the Court. 


An eligible candidate must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of the State of California, and an active member of the California State Bar for a minimum period of ten (10) years' experience in the full time practice of law in either a governmental agency or in private practice immediately preceding selection. The ideal candidate will possess knowledge and abilities consistent with the highest standards of the legal profession and with the level of expertise for the intended position. 


Application Process: 

Applications must be received before 11:59 pm on May 3, 2023

This recruitment requires the submission of an on-line application. No paper applications will be accepted. Completion of the supplemental questionnaire is required. An electronic copy of your resume must also be submitted as an attachment to this application submission. Applications must be filed online at http://www.scscourt.org

Selection Process: 

Following the closing date of this announcement, a screening of completed application packets will be performed to determine the most qualified applicants. Those designated as most qualified will be invited to appear before the Interview Panel, which will occur the week of May 30. Upon receipt of the recommendations of the Interview Panel, the Judges of the Santa Clara County Superior Court will make the final selection. This current recruitment is intended to fill an imminent vacancy in an assignment to be determined.

The names of all applicants will be made available to the Court's Judges and Commissioners for evaluation. The Court will contact any reference and sources it deems appropriate for evaluation purposes. 

The Court is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, and veteran or disability status. The Court provides reasonable accommodations for applicants challenged with disabilities. If you are challenged with a disability as defined by the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act or the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and will be requesting an accommodation in the application process, please contact Renee Hughes or Pam McGee at rhughes@scscourt.org or pmcgee@scscourt.org or (408) 882-2703 to discuss your request. TDD communication is available by calling (408) 882-2787. 

The Court must verify the identity and employment authorization of all new employees to comply with the 1986 Immigration Reform & Control Act. This verification is required only after an offer of employment has been made. For further information regarding the required verification, please contact Human Resources at (408) 882-2747. 



Superior Court of CA 

County of Santa Clara, CA 95113 


Court Commissioner Supplemental Questionnaire 


* 1. Please submit a list of ten (10) significant cases in which you appeared as counsel in the past seven (7) years, the name of each case, the case number, a brief description of the case, the current addresses and phone numbers of counsel of other parties, and the name of the court and the judge. If you have not appeared as counsel in any case in the past seven (7) years, please describe your legal experience over the past seven (7) years and why that experience qualifies you to serve as a Court Commissioner. You may submit your response as an attachment to your application, if necessary. 

* 2. Please describe the nature and extent of your service, if any, as a temporary judge, arbitrator, or mediator, either privately or through a judicial arbitration program. Please include a list of the seven (7) most significant cases, identifying the counsel (including names, current addresses and phone numbers) and the dates of service. You may submit your response as an attachment to your application, if necessary. 

* 3. Have you ever been a party in a legal proceeding in which you were a party in interest, a material witness, were named as a co-conspirator, or co-respondent, and any grand jury investigation in which you figured as a subject, or in which you appeared as a witness? If so, provide the details. Do not list proceedings in which you were merely a guardian ad litem or stakeholder. You may submit your response as an attachment to your application, if necessary. 

* 4. Have you ever been disciplined or cited for a breach of ethics or unprofessional conduct by, or been the subject of a complaint to, any court, administrative agency, bar association, disciplinary committee, or other professional group? If so, provide the details. (Please list any complaint even if it was dismissed or did not result in disciplinary action.) You may submit your response as an attachment to your application, if necessary. 

* 5. Have you, to your knowledge, ever been under federal, state, or local investigation for possible violation of a criminal statute? If so, provide the details. You may submit your response as an attachment to your application, if necessary. 

* 6. I understand that for my application to be considered, I must complete required supplemental questionnaires as part of the application screening and selection process. The information I provide will be reviewed and used to determine my eligibility to move forward in the selection process. Incomplete responses, false statements, omissions, or partial information may result in disqualification from the selection process.

Yes No 

* 7. I understand that for my application to be considered, I must thoroughly complete the work experience and education portions of the application form, to demonstrate my qualifications for this job. 

Yes No 

* 8. Authorization and Release. I have applied for employment with the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara ("Court") and have provided information about my current and/or previous employment. I authorize the Court to investigate all statements made in my application for employment and to obtain any and all information concerning my former/current employment. This includes my job performance appraisals/evaluations, wage history, disciplinary action(s) if any, and all other matters pertaining to my employment history. I authorize my former and current employers and references to release contents of my employment record with their organizations and to provide any additional information that may be necessary for my application for employment with the Court, whether the information is positive or negative. I hereby release all such agencies and/or individuals who furnish such information, and the Court, from liability for damages, which may result from furnishing or receiving the information requested. 

Yes No 

* 9. In connection with my application, I hereby authorize the release of any and all information pertaining to myself, businesses, or educational institutions in which I participated, including information of a confidential or privileged nature in the possession of government agencies, private agencies, and/or individuals. I hereby release all such agencies and/or individuals who furnish such information from liability for damages which may result from furnishing the information requested, and this release shall be binding on my legal representatives, heirs, and assignees. 

Yes No 

* Required Question

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