Debrief: Strategy and Advocacy in eDiscovery

On January 19, 2018, PAABA’s Litigation Section, chaired by Rebecca Epstein, presented Derek Duarte from Blackstone Discovery speaking about best practices in eDiscovery.  Derek addressed ways to minimize costs of eDiscovery, why counsel might want to be as transparent as possible about their data retention and collection processes, and when counsel should draw up a discovery roadmap including the parameters of what metadata will be at issue in discovery (hint: very early!)  He also discussed strategic reasons for getting outside discovery consultants involved in the data search and collection processes, particularly if a dispute about those processes is anticipated.

As is typical of a PAABA MCLE presentation, the discussion was highly interactive throughout.  Derek graciously addressed several hypothetical and practical questions at the end of the presentation.

Thank you, Derek, for such an engaging and useful discussion; thank you, Rebecca, for pulling the event together; and thank you Pacific Workplaces for hosting the event!

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