May 23, 2016

Women Lawyers Section




The PAABA Women Lawyers Section was founded to support women attorneys, provide a forum for discussion of shared interests and challenges, promote networking and collegiality among its members, encourage philanthropy, and educate the legal community and public about topics of particular interest to women.


Section membership includes:

  • Monthly lunch meetings.  Most lunch meetings are social, but occasionally feature a speaker on topics such as promoting work-life balance, investment strategies, developing a professional wardrobe, or personal branding using social media.
  • MCLE programs focusing on diversity and elimination of bias.  Past programs have featured speakers on sexual harassment, implicit bias, domestic violence, and race discrimination.  Future programs will address the Unruh Civil Rights Act, firm management, and stress management.
  • Section-exclusive referral network for attorneys and related professionals (experts, recruiters, financial advisors)
  • Inclusion in the section listserv for publication of events, referral requests, and general discussion of topics of interest to professional women.  The Women Lawyers section also has a FaceBook group for more informal discussion.

Check the PAABA Calendar for upcoming meetings.

Articles & Resources

Article: Implicit / Unconscious Bias (Emily Bazelon, Oct. 18, 2016)

Project Implicit at Harvard:  test your own unconscious biases and associations regarding race, gender, disability, weight, and age

Article: How MeetUp Ditched Its Boys Club (Jessi Hempel, Oct. 27, 2016)

Article:  What the Women of SCOTUS Know (Dahlia Lithwick, Dec. 15, 2016)

For more information about the Women Lawyers Section, contact section chair Gretchen Birkheimer at